Naturally Nutritious

A Happy Ending

Not long ago, pet owners fed their pets food from manufacturers of “people food” they knew and trusted.  Manufacturers noticed a lot of waste in their production process and thought it might be a good idea to turn by-products into pet food.   It was great for the bottom-line. But for the pets…it was not so great.

Over time pets began showing signs of an inadequate diet that consisted mainly of grains, like corn.

They became ill because, as dog nutrition experts have since taught us, dogs have an undeniable carnivorous bias.  They need meat to function optimally.  When dogs are denied meat they get sick because they are eating the opposite of what they should be eating.  In response many pet owners began making food for their pets because there just wasn’t any other option.  This was incredibly time-consuming and very expensive.

Pet loving entrepreneurs saw an opportunity and developed all natural, nutrient dense, easy-to-feed pet foods but they were hard to find and also very expensive.  Pet owners soon realized that better diets resulted in longer, healthier lives for their pets and less trips to the vet.  The extra cost became less of a concern but finding better food was still a problem.

Tennessee Natural Pet solved the availability problem and provided other important benefits as well by developing a super-premium, nutrient dense, all-natural, cost effective pet food with free home delivery* and a 100% satisfaction  guarantee!

All Natural and Nutritious Ingredients, balanced diet, easy on the budget, free home delivery*, and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  We call it –

“Naturally Nutritious”